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New Resource on Types of Data Systems

Planning for a new data system? Preparing to link data across agencies? Part C and 619 staff are major stakeholders in data system improvement efforts. Being an informed stakeholder requires being familiar with basic types of data systems. Our new brief describes and compares four common types of data systems. Access the document through our DaSy Products Page.

The DaSy Framework for IDEA Data Systems

The DaSy Center is excited to announce the release of the DaSy Framework for IDEA Data Systems. Over the past year, DaSy has worked closely with seven partner states to develop a framework that identifies the key components and quality indicators of an effective Part C and Section 619 data system. The DaSy framework provides a guiding structure for our TA and is a resource for states to consider and assess key aspects of their data system and plan for coordination across systems.

What do IDEA and FERPA tell us about Data Sharing?

Our December 17, 2014 webinar, What do IDEA and FERPA tell us about Data Sharing? featured presenters from the U.S. Department of Education sharing information on current issues and guidance on IDEA and FERPA requirements regarding data sharing and confidentiality. The webinar included highlights and recent guidance from the Part B and Part C IDEA regulations, FERPA regulations, and the 2013 Uninterrupted Scholars Act. Access the presentation slides and a recording of the webinar through our DaSy Products Page.

The 36th Annual Report to Congress on the Implementation of IDEA

In December 2014, the Department of Education released its annual report to Congress on the Implementation of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The report describes our nation’s progress in providing education for all children with disabilities and early intervention services to infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families and includes summaries and analyses of data at the National and State levels. View the report.

New Resource to Support SSIP Development

Our newest document, produced in collaboration with ECTA and RRCP, is The SSIP Phase I Writing Guide. The guide is intended to support state Part C programs in developing the narrative of Phase I of the SSIP. It combines information from a number of key OSEP documents and provides an outline that states might use for the SSIP along with suggested content considerations. Access the document through our DaSy Products Page.

Data Sharing Agreement Checklist for Part C & 619

Data Sharing Agreement Checklist for IDEA Part C and Part B 619 Agencies and Programs is the latest document in of a series of adaptations that address data systems issues to specifically meet the needs of IDEA Part C early intervention and Part B 619 preschool special education. Presented as a checklist, the document summarizes the requirements for the written agreements under the audit or evaluation exception that is specified in FERPA and that also applies to the IDEA. Access the document through our DaSy Products Page and find more resources on data privacy & confidentiality on our Topical Page.

New Guide on Fiscal Data for Part C Staff

Fiscal data provide powerful information for decision-making, program management, and policy-making. Our latest publication, Understanding and Using Fiscal Data: A Guide for Part C State Staff, can help state Part C lead agency staff better understand strategic fiscal policy questions, the fiscal data elements needed to address those questions, and the benefits of using these data. Access the guide through our DaSy Products Page. .

OSEP Posts 2011-12 IDEA Data Files

OSEP has posted the majority of the 2011-12/ Fall 2012 IDEA Section 618 data files on The files can be exported and downloaded in a variety of formats using the "Export" button found on the page. OSEP is currently exploring opportunities to post static tables and displays, which will provide commonly used percentages associated with the IDEA Section 618 data. States will be informed on progress in creating and posting these static tables and displays. See 2011-12 IDEA Data Files that are posted.

See News Archive for past stories.

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The DaSy Center is a national technical assistance (TA) center funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP)

DaSy works with states to support IDEA early intervention and early childhood special education state programs in the development or enhancement of coordinated early childhood longitudinal data systems.

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