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OSEP Launches New Website to Publicly Report 618 Data

OSEP's new website to publicly report the IDEA Section 618 data hosts IDEA Section 618 data files, data documentation files with information about the data elements and format of the data files, data notes associated with the IDEA Section 618 data files, and links to other sites that provide data and information on children with disabilities. OSEP is also releasing 10 new data files that provide counts associated with the 2012-13 data collections.

New State Spotlight on Data Sharing in Alaska

Alaska: Improving Referrals of Victims of Maltreatment to the IDEA Part C Program describes how Alaska Part C improved the referral of children from Child Welfare to the IDEA Part C Program by an automated transfer of data from Child Welfare to Part C for substantiated cases of child maltreatment. Our partners in Alaska generously shared their process of developing and implementing data transfer between Child Welfare and Part C, including implementation challenges and lessons learned. Access the spotlight document through our DaSy Products Page.

New Resource on Types of Data Systems

Planning for a new data system? Preparing to link data across agencies? Part C and 619 staff are major stakeholders in data system improvement efforts. Being an informed stakeholder requires being familiar with basic types of data systems. Our new brief describes and compares four common types of data systems. Access the document through our DaSy Products Page.

Common Education Data Standards Version 5 Released

CEDS is a national collaborative effort to develop voluntary, common data standards for a key set of education data elements to enable more consistent and comparable data. The newly released Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) Version 5 spans P-20W (early learning through workforce) and includes new and updated early learning elements.

New SSIP Topical Page on ECTA Website

The Early Childhood Technical Assistance (ECTA) Center's new State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) topical page highlights information and relevant links from Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) about the SSIP Phase I process, SSIP-related webinars from ECTA Center and other TA partners, and information on joining Communities of Practice focusing on this important work.

The Data Flashlight Awards

The Data Quality Campaign recognizes education visionaries, leaders, and trailblazers who are championing the power of safe and effective data use to support families and educators in their efforts to improve student achievement. The Data Flashlight Awards celebrate outstanding work at the state and local levels. Applications for the 2015 awards will be accepted through March 6. View more information and apply at the Data Quality Campaign website.

The DaSy Framework for IDEA Data Systems

The DaSy Center is excited to announce the release of the DaSy Framework for IDEA Data Systems. Over the past year, DaSy has worked closely with seven partner states to develop a framework that identifies the key components and quality indicators of an effective Part C and Section 619 data system. The DaSy framework provides a guiding structure for our TA and is a resource for states to consider and assess key aspects of their data system and plan for coordination across systems.

See News Archive for past stories.

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About DaSy

The DaSy Center is a national technical assistance (TA) center funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP)

DaSy works with states to support IDEA early intervention and early childhood special education state programs in the development or enhancement of coordinated early childhood longitudinal data systems.

Read more about the Center by downloading our flyer or visiting our Learn About DaSy page.